Mobility Hardware

No matter how experienced your organization is with technology, finding just the right solution at the best price possible can be a difficult task and can create immense project creep as well as dissatisfied users.   This is where Futura Mobility comes in.   Representing a deep portfolio of products from the best manufacturers in the world, we are able to combine technology with services that help you manage the total cost of ownership in your point-of-care mobility environment.   We address patient care areas such as:

  • Point-of-Care Documentation
  • Medication Administration
  • Procedural Supply
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Patient Security & Safety
  • Bedside Patient Portal Access
  • Telemedicine Stations
  • Imaging & Radiology

Mobile Carts

From documentation, to medication dispensing, to procedural supply carts, Futura offers you the right solution, combined with our services, to meet your organization’s unique needs.  In addition to assisting you during the selection process, Futura offers unboxing and computer/peripheral integration services with clean cable management, saving your team valuable time and providing “floor-ready” carts.   After deployment, Futura can provide ongoing preventative maintenance and repair services, ensuring your cart assets provide maximum uptime.  When it’s time to refresh or retire your carts, Futura can provide credit for your old assets towards new products or services, and handle the removal and green recycling of the old carts.

Wall Mounts & Equipment

Wall mounted workstations within the patient room offer the best method for face-to-face interaction with patients.  Futura can help you select the right solution and provide installation services including data and power drops, computer and peripheral integration, and clean cable management.  Annual preventative maintenance is recommended and provided by Futura to evaluate each workstation, tighten connections and rebalance the workstation to ensure optimal operation for your clinicians.  As these devices often outlive the computers and peripherals, Futura is available to help you refresh the computing technology and upgrade your wall mounted workstations, alleviating the drain on your valuable resources.

PCs & Laptops

We know you can buy these assets from many suppliers.  However, when you buy PC’s and Laptops from Futura, we offer value-added deployment services such as imaging (remote or on-site), kitting & staging of accessories, logistics, and on-site installation with clean cable management.  We can help you with your hardware refresh projects by supplying resources to perform equipment replacement and removal of old equipment for recycling.

Phones & Tablets

Today’s most effective organizations are implementing mobile solutions that provide for clinician communication and patient engagement.  Futura can provide a mobility assessment, and work with you to create a mobility strategy for your organization, and even develop a strategy for charging, storage and disinfection of the devices.  We also can provide you with procurement, deployment, mobile device management, and support services so your mobility projects go smoothly.

Sleds & Handhelds

Healthcare organizations are turning to new technologies to improve patient safety and workflow productivity.  For those using Apple IOS devices, we offer multiple “sled” options that encase the Apple iPhone® with an integrated barcode scanner and a protective, disinfectant-ready housing. For those using the Android operating system, we offer multiple purpose-built Android devices with built in scanner and external, removable battery.  The result? A superior tool for clinician productivity.

Barcode Scanners & Printers

All healthcare organizations are looking to improve positive patient identification for documentation, specimen collection, medication administration, and more.  Futura can work with your organization to find the right barcode scanner with the features that will help you handle clinician workflows and improve patient care.

Keyboards & Mice

Medical-grade keyboards and mice have recently become recognized as an important and cost-effective tool for infection prevention.  These products are washable and can stand up to the harsh chemicals often used in Healthcare to disinfect these devices.  We offer the industry’s best solutions to meet the needs of your users and staff.

Disinfection Devices

Reducing the risk of hospital acquired illnesses such as MRSA, C-diff and candida is on the minds of all healthcare professionals.  Devices such as phones, tablets and even digital watches pose a risk.  That is why Futura offers a complete line of disinfection equipment that can not only handle the devices but also sterilize rooms through the usage of UV light which is proven to be more effective than the traditional wiping methods.

Extend Life of Your Hardware With Our "White Glove" Services

NeverDown Onsite Maintenance

NeverDown Onsite Maintenance

With our NeverDown support, our trained cart technicians come to your site and facilities to perform repairs and routine battery replacements, enabling your staff to stay focused on providing high-quality patient care.

MobileForce Fleet Management

MobileForce Fleet Management

We offer the industry’s first multi-vendor power system monitoring and fleet management tool. Access our cloud-based system via computer or your mobile device for unmatched visibility into the health of your cart fleet.

Continuum Power System

Continuum Power System

Transform your existing carts into light-weight, high-efficiency vehicles for providing the best patient care. Eliminate the bulk and extend your fleet’s life with this one-time, simple retro-fit service for the easiest path to lithium-based power.

Safeguard Extended Warranty

Safeguard Extended Warranty

Regardless of manufacturer, our extended warranty program protects your investment by providing advanced replacements for failed batteries, electronic or cart components at a fixed, annual cost.

Take a Test Drive

If you are in the market for a new technology, an equipment fair is a great way to go.  Futura works on your behalf with the manufacturers to arrange a “test-drive” of the equipment at your location, within your workflows and by your users.   Not only do you get a side-by-side, hands-on comparison of the latest technology, but your users and clinicians can contribute with their real-world input into the decision making process, which greatly improves user adoption and satisfaction upon roll-out.  

  • No cost to your organization
  • Futura acts as the central point of contact for vendor communication
  • Personalized evaluation criteria and documentation
  • Facilitate user evaluation process with users input before purchase
  • Deliver actionable recommendations
  • Negotiate best pricing for you 

Attempting to Find Ways to Reduce Costs?

Let us evaluate your current environment and provide recommendations for financial savings.