Futura Mobility's patient engagement solutions enable patients to become an active participant in their own health, and provide clinicians with the tools and technology to encourage that behavior. Futura offers the health IT tools necessary to expand patient engagement efforts, enabling providers to connect with patient populations quickly and effectively.

As the state of health care evolves, federal regulations and incentives are on the minds of caregivers. Although a slippery slope, patient engagement is a key driver in meeting those standards to improve care and reduce costs in today's healthcare space. Since the healthcare reform, hospitals and caregivers have strong incentives to capture patient data and utilize it in productive ways. Hospitals now face fines if their readmission rates are too high, and are rewarded if they do well on a benchmark of clinical outcomes and patient surveys. The responsibility for empowering patients does not rest squarely on the shoulders of providers, patients or even technology, but rather on a mix of all three to produce better health outcomes. Although the goal of patient engagement is clearly defined, the road to reach it has remained unpaved.

What We Do


Standardized, in-room education relating to patient specific conditions.


Communication tools that support transition of care from start to finish.


Leveraging technology to create a care experience that meets patient expectations.


Improving outcomes through shared responsibility between patients and providers.

The Smart Patient Room

Futura transforms the traditional patient rooms into an interactive, smart environment where your patients have more control over their stay with Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions.   Combined with our deployment of the software platform, required technology, and help desk and support services,  Future delivers an environment where nurses can more effectively educate and patients are engaged in their care.  Increase your HCAHPS transition and discharge readiness scores, lower readmissions, educate your patients with EMR integration, increase nurse efficiency, and maintain the entire environment with ease through Futura. 

Empower Your Patients to Become Active in Their Care

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