Futura delivers the experience and skills to address workflow challenges through the development and deployment of mobile applications. 

Face-to-face communication has been and will continue to be the foundation of the clinician-patient relationship. However, the rise of mobility in healthcare is forcing organizations to rethink the way that they communicate and provide care. While the availability of online health information and patient portals make it possible for patients to take more responsibility for their own health, there are major issues that surround the security of electronic messaging. HIPAA regulations require health organizations to protect any and all electronically transmitted data by using a form of secure communication to reduce risk and protect their IT system from security breaches. 

What We Do

Secure Environment

Share patient data safely and securely via desktop, smartphone or tablet devices.

Mobile Access

Information access on any device, instantly.


Empower your teams to collaborate effectively and rapidly.

Custom Workflows

Tools tailored to address your unique workflow challenges.

For Healthcare: Wound Care Application

Futura Mobility’s Image Capture application simplifies the process of capturing and documenting wounds and other images. Through a simple workflow, Image Capture helps clinicians quickly capture and combine images and notes with related patient records. This data is then sent directly to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for immediate reference.

Eliminates Manual Processes

Scan patient wristband or enter patient ID via smartphone camera

Accurate Capture

Take photo(s) of area, annotate image, add notes and submit

Reduces Errors 

EMR is updated with link to PDF for encounter


User automatically logged out after inactivity-no data stored on device

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For Healthcare: Secure Communication

Futura’s secure, clinical communication solution, through Uniphy Health, offers healthcare organizations the opportunity to increase efficiencies and revenues by improving the exchange of information. across the entire medical staff. Our expertise combines many years of experience in optimizing hospital-based & outpatient medical practice workflows, advising hospital systems and physicians, and streamlining communications.  Configured and deployed to your unique requirements and technological needs, Futura can help you reduce costs, improve care coordination, build stronger healthcare networks, and have patients engaged in their healthcare.

Mobilize Your Team & Improve Communication

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