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What we do

Futura offers the technologies and solutions to provide effective infection prevention strategy within your organization. From COVID-19 remote monitoring application to UV light disinfection systems, you can work with one partner to address your infectious disease needs immediately. 

COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Application

In response to this growing health crisis, Futura Mobility, partnering with HGE Health, is rapidly scaling and deploying HGE COVID Care to more effectively monitor symptoms and interactions with those who are infected. The platform allows for better care and monitoring regardless of geography or socio-economic diversity, thanks to clinically validated care standards and more than 12 years of research into medical monitoring technologies.  Hospitals and health systems can reduce the influx of patients presenting in person with mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 who can otherwise be safely quarantined and monitored at home. This ensures that scare resources are available for patients with severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

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Mobile Cart Cleaning & Disinfection Services 

For over 25 years we have been providing and servicing mobile carts into the healthcare community. Part of our services is providing disinfection and cleaning services of your mobile carts to ensure your staff remains focused on providing patient care, while making certain work surfaces and equipment are disinfected and sanitary.

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Areas Cleaned:

  • Work Surface
  • Keyboard & Keyboard Tray
  • Monitor & Mounts
  • Wheels
  • Battery
  • Drawers
  • Cables & Accessories

Our Process:

  • According to CDC Standards & Your Protocols
  • Onsite at Your Location
  • Complete Wipe Down of Equipment
  • Electronic Audit Reports
  • 100 Carts/Day

UV & Multicluster Ionization Disinfection Systems

COVID-19  | Staph | Influenza  | MRSA | Salmonella  | E. Coli | Mold | VOCs


UV Light Disinfection for Mobile Devices, Masks, Instruments, and more…

ReadyDock:UV, provided by Futura Mobility, is a UV light, chemical free, disinfection system.  It can address all of your disinfection needs for devices and equipment such as mobile devices, medical instruments, and even N-95 medical masks!  With a limited footprint, it is easy to deploy even in the busiest of environments.



Multi-Cluster Ionization System Perfect for Any Work Environment

Multi-Cluster ionization technology developed by 540 Protection, LLC and provided through Futura Mobility, combines multiple purification processes into a single product that can be wall mounted, stand-alone, or even inserted into HVAC systems.  Multi-Cluster Ionization destroys cells and reduces microbial contamination throughout your environment.

How Coronavirus is inactivated by Multi-Cluster Ioncluster™ Technology
Multi-Cluster Ionization System-1

Telemedicine Carts & Services

Having designed, configured, deployed and serviced hundreds of telemedicine carts and tens of thousands mobile carts over the last 25 years, Futura Mobility is the expert in providing the right solution for your needs in clinics, hospitals, field hospital, mobile clinics, businesses, schools. 

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Representing Many Manufacturers of Carts

The Right Anti-Microbial Accessories

Manage and Provide Maintenance, Warranty Work, and Service

Configured at Our State-of-the-Art 25,000sq/ft Technology Center

Deployed and Installed at Your Location Utilizing Our Nationwide Service Team

ELearning Software

Quickly Communicate for Immediate Implementation

Educate your staff and clinicians on new protocols and procedures quickly and effectively with Futura Mobility’s eLearning platform that is rapidly develop and deployed.  A user-friendly platform with personalized content users can quickly gain the information they need to immediately implement it into their workflows and routines.    

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Implement the Right Infectious Disease Strategy

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