Through our unique approach, qualified resources and attention to detail, we are poised to partner with you and your organization to help you tackle the hurdles that implementing new systems can create with your legacy systems. 

As your organization moves forward with a next generation EMR, you are left attempting to “bridge the gap” for service and support of your legacy system. As an extension of your core team and systems, Futura can provide your organization the ability to allow operations to continue as normal while your in-house team participates in the training and implementation of your new EMR system.During this transformation, we offer services such as Legacy Managed Backfill support, which would allow Futura to Manage your entire legacy system while you transition to your new system, as well as a-la-carte services to  fill in the resource gaps on your team where needed.

What We Do

Dedicated Account Management

Let Futura manage your legacy systems so you and your staff can stay focused on more important initiatives.

Status Reporting

Our experienced clinicians will evaluate your workflows utilizing our proven methodologies to find the gaps and improve processes.

Blended Rates

Don't put the burden on change implementation on your staff. Let our resources ensure your changes are implemented correctly and on time.

Quality Services

We can coordinate bringing in resources for activation support and training of users to ensure changes are successfully implemented.


For organizations who want to take a comprehensive approach to legacy support, Futura can provide Legacy Managed Backfill Support (LMBS) Services. This is a high-quality program by which we will manage your entire legacy system environment utilizing proven methodologies to reduce your overall support costs and maintain consistent levels of performance while allowing your organization to completely focus on your new system.

  • Blended Rates
  • Onshore Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24×7 Remote or Onsite Support
  • Production Monitoring, Scheduling, Trouble-Shooting
  • Break/Fix
  • Upgrades
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Downstream Application Testing
  • Performance and Status Reporting
  • Staff Ramp Up/Ramp Down Methodologies
  • Decommission Plans and Procedures

With a wide variety of experience, skill sets, and processes, your organization is able to focus on the transition of your new system while Impulse HCS works in the background to “keep the lights on”. Our LMBS program consists of the following:

Dedicated Account Manager – You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that utilizes proven and effective methodologies for managing backfill services and overall project management.  This individual has the experience that will ensure the legacy system team is still supporting your mission of providing quality patient care; operating efficient and crucial business operations while maintaining IT performance SLAs.

Status Reporting – Communication and information sharing is key to a successful services engagement.  Our Account Manager will proactively deliver and arm your organization with the information and status updates regarding your legacy systems and the services being provided. 

Quality Services – Our goal is to deliver the same level of service that your physicians and patients expect.   We use a detailed methodology when managing a LMBS services engagement in addition to assigning appropriate resources to our clients…the first time.   We work closely with executive stakeholders to understand the scope and needs required to be successful.  We commit that our resources offer appropriate certifications, depth and breadth of experience, and will fit within your organizations culture to remain transparent so you can focus on your business.

Blended Onshore Rates – We understand that when implementing a new system, budgets are put under a magnifying glass.  In most cases, we are able to reduce budgets for supporting legacy systems while still maintaining overall performance and support levels.

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