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Adapting to the Epidemic

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is rapidly impacting our daily lives. Due to the nature of the epidemic, healthcare systems are bracing for the increasing need to provide immediate care. Governments are enforcing self-quarantine and social distancing in an attempt to “flatten the curve”, and reduce the spread of the virus.

In response to this growing health crisis, Futura Mobility, partnering with HGE Health, is rapidly scaling and deploying HGE COVID Care to more effectively monitor symptoms and interactions with those who are infected. The platform allows for better care and monitoring regardless of geography or socio-economic diversity, thanks to clinically-validated care standards and more than 12 years of research into medical monitoring technologies.

A Better System

While there is no way to remotely cure, treat or diagnose COVID-19 the Coronavirus clinical services platform provided through Futura Mobility, HGE COVID Care, is useful to inundated health systems, hospitals, and employers nationally as a vital tool to address the overwhelming number of patients requiring early detection and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have repurposed our digital platform originally designed for patients with Chronic Diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to remotely monitor exposure to and symptoms of COVID-19.

The adapted platform offers an easy-to-use graphical interface that guides users through a questionnaire prepared in accordance with the Center of Disease Control (“CDC”) guidelines in addition to the standard respiratory symptoms tracked in the clinically validated HGE Health solution for COPD (e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath)


“There’s no way to remotely treat or diagnose COVID-19. The objective is to use remote patient monitoring of CDC identified risk factors to slow infection rates to levels that can be adequately addressed by the health care system’s current capacity.”

- explained Michael Markus, PhD, CEO of HGE Health

Employees, Patients & Members Seeking Guidance
HGE COVID-19 Digital Screener
HGE COVID-19 Care Nurse & Health Coordinators
Appropriate Action Plan: Hospital, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Home Self Care

Proactive Management

Members track their level of exposure to the virus, common and other symptoms being experienced, and other risk factors daily. Then, their recorded data is totaled and assessed by HGE’s remote care team to determine the degree of urgency in whether that individual should seek in-person testing and possibly treatment. When a member reports symptoms or elevated risk, one of our qualified medical professionals will call them directly to help them understand their next steps. Hospitals and health systems can reduce the influx of patients presenting in person with mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 who could safely be quarantined and monitored at home, ensuring scarce resources are available for patients with severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Secured Data

Held in a secure environement and HIPAA compliant, patient/user data is blinded and only available to the clinical reviewing team and is not visible to the employer.

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