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Futura offers a complete portfolio of mobility products, services and solutions to help you manage your entire healthcare-related, point-of-care environment.   Representing the best manufacturers in the world and offering complete lifecycle management solutions and services your organization can reduce total cost of ownership while providing the best patient care possible. 

LifeCycle Management

As a leader in healthcare mobility technology solutions, Futura Mobility continually delivers the services and support our clients seek to ensure they are achieving a complete return on investment in their point-of-care devices environment.  Our full-service lifecycle management program assists healthcare organizations nationwide with managing their point-of-care devices. 

Enhance TCO

Extended Services

To ensure continued performance and value of your point-of-care devices, Futura Mobility offers a full "white-glove" suite of services that extends the life of your devices.  Our goal is to keep your equipment operating smoothly so your clinicians can focus on delivering quality patient care and not their failing devices.  

Enhance Availability

Mobility Hardware

No matter how experienced your organization is with technology, finding just the right solution at the best price possible can be a difficult task and can create immense project creep as well as dissatisfied users.  This is where Futura Mobility comes in. Representing a deep portfolio of products from the best manufacturers in the world, we are able to combine technology with services that help you manage the total cost of ownership in your point-of-care environment.

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