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    Actively enable your clinicians and engage your patients with our solutions ranging from our HIPAA-secured communication and collaboration platform, our e-learning solution, to our patient-focused mobile applications such as wound care and disease management.

    Capture every opportunity for revenue achievement, comply with necessary government mandates and deliver the best of patient care... easily. 

    Secure Communications 

    Face-to- face communication has been and will continue to be the foundation of the clinician-patient relationship. However, the rise of mobility in healthcare is forcing organizations to rethink the way that they communicate and provide care. While the availability of online health information and patient portals make it possible for patients to take more responsibility for their own health, there are major issues that surround the security of electronic messaging. HIPAA regulations require health organizations to protect any and all electronically transmitted data by using a form of secure communication to reduce risk and protect their IT system from security breaches. Futura Mobility's secure clinical communication solution helps healthcare systems increase efficiencies and revenues by improving communications, with and across their medical staff.

    Enhance Collaboration

    eLearning Solution

    Futura offers a simple, yet extendable eLearning platform employing a flexible modular approach using tutorials, case studies, workflows, and more to build custom courses that fulfill your organization’s particular training needs and business objectives. Our instructional team can help you clarify your performance and technical challenges and develop an effective online or blended learning strategy to meet those challenges. Our instructional and multimedia teams develop engaging, experiential interactions that greatly increase retention of skills and knowledge.

    Enhance Education

    Patient Engagement Applications

    Empowering clinicians and engagement patients through mobile applications is a vital component of today's healthcare organization care delivery model.  Futura offers unique ways to address your mobile application needs.  Through custom mobile app development, providing clinician care applications such as our Wound Management application or solving complicated processes through mobile applications, we can help fast-forward your organization to the next phase of digital, healthcare delivery.

    Enhance Engagement