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  • Legacy System Support

Futura offers the most qualified, experienced, appropriately certified and knowledgeable resources to help you reduce costs and over-come the obstacles of an ever-changing HIT environment.  From planning and managing your projects, to resources that "fill-the-gap" on your project staff or FTE placement...we can assist.


Futura’s Advisory Services provides the experience needed to lead your organization into the next phases of healthcare delivery. We offer expertise in program management, process improvement and healthcare IT strategy allowing flexibility and a tailored approach from the beginning to the end of your projects. Our team is dedicated to bringing the right people with the foresight and technology to improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Enhance Planning

Implementations & Upgrades

Futura Mobility’s implementation services and methodology will help you quickly achieve value from your investment through expert clinical systems configuration and build, systems integration, training and project management.  Our implementation and consulting service teams work collaboratively with clients to design and execute a customized project plan(s) that best suites your organization’s unique timelines, software dependencies, hardware and network prerequisites, workflows and operational goals. 

Enhance Improvement

Activations and Go-Lives

Futura’s activation support puts clinically experienced professionals within your needed environment to ensure the success of your go-live process, minimizing risk and frustration during this important phase of your project. We can manage your entire activation, provide super users or simply offer floor support to allow your staff to focus where they need to be; handling everyday business to deliver superb patient care.

Enhance Support


We can help your organization optimize applications and technology by identifying areas for improvement in addition to implementing the changes necessary to ensure your organization is delivering the best quality care possible. Focusing on areas such as strategy alignment, workflow/process analysis, data integrity, system analysis, system requirement definitions and changes, user training and change management implementations/activations you can ensure continued adoption and ROI attainment.

Enhance Workflows

Training & Education

To ensure users can fully transition to the new system without being distracted from normal business operations, Futura can provide a team of educators, combined with our eLearning platform and modules, to help train and transition your team. We begin training your users prior to implementation and continue with an educational program throughout the life of your project.  This approach ensures your staff is fully prepared at go-live without distracting them from their priorities.

Enhance Knowledge

Legacy System Backfill Support

During the implementation of a new system, Futura can become an extension of your core team and systems, providing your organization the ability to allow operations to continue as normal while your in-house team focuses on your new system. During this transformation, we offer “a la-carte” services to fill the resource gaps on your team where needed.  Or, we can completely manage your legacy environment with our Legacy Managed Backfill Support (LMBS) methodology helping you transition to your new system.

Enhance Transition