Power System Upgrades

Power System Upgrades.

Recorded March 18, 2015

To Tsang, Area Information Officer shares how Kaiser Permanente saved millions of dollars and increased workflow efficiency by upgrading their 3,500 existing mobile carts at 28 locations in only 3 months. If you hospital is experiencing issues with carts due to power challenges, you should know that upgrading your power systems is a viable option that will drastically improve workflows and save your bottom line.

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Medical Workstations

Medical Workstations.

Recorded July 10, 2014

Choosing between mobile carts and wall mounted workstations as the primary vehicle for to capture and present information to and from the EMR is not an easy decision since there are many elements to consider. This is a webinar recording that guides healthcare decision makers through the pros and cons of each solution and all elements to consider. It also provides lessons learned through use cases and a thorough discussion on ROI.

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Patient engagement

Patient engagement.

Recorded May 22, 2014

Futura Mobility is proud to offer patient engagement solutions that address key healthcare challenges to transform the traditional patient experience into a lasting patient relationship. This webinar highlights the importance of patient engagement and how Futura's innovative suite of products can help create the optimal patient experience.

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Secure communication

Secure communication.

Recorded April 22, 2014

This webinar highlights the importance of secure communication in the healthcare industry, and how Futura Mobility can help. Whether you are looking for secure texting or another communication medium, Futura has an extensive partner network that can help you find and implement the best solution to fit your needs and budget.

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Mobility at the point of care

Mobility at the point of care.

Recorded December 19, 2013

HIn this introductory webinar, we will not only provide an overview of the scope and value of mobiltiy but we will identify and discuss four main challenges healthcare providers face when looking to implement mobile solutions. At the end of the webinar, we will present two of the latest mobile solutions from Honeywell that are now bridging the gap between the demand for consumer products and the harsh realites that those tools can present.

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