The Mobile Experience

Futura Launches iServe

After thousands of hours of development, documentation and testing, Futura will be initiating the pilot user onboarding of its new CRM and Customer Portal system, iServe.  iServe will allow customers to submit and view the progress of their system’s support needs through a convenient and user-friendly web portal designed to speed up the process of ticket submission and resolution. A key feature of the new system is the Knowledge base that will provide information and tools to users to greatly enhance their use of the system.

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Futura Mobility Helps Global Car Manufacturer to Design, Develop, and Deploy the Digital Dealership of the Future.


Futura Mobility was engaged by a global luxury automotive brand, to implement the Digital Dealership of the Future for its national automotive dealership network, by taking the online brand experience to new levels.


With hundreds of independently owned franchises, the dealership IT landscape consisted of a diverse mix of vendors and IT solutions. Given this environment, the approach for implementing the new national standard for the customer experience would call for the ability to work effectively with IT staff, with various infrastructure solutions which supported the program goals, under an ambitious timeline.

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How to Pick Software for Mobile Devices: 4 Important Considerations

Deploying a mobile computing solution within a healthcare organization is a complex endeavor. In order to have a successful implementation, you must carefully evaluate your application needs, use cases, clinical requirements, and other factors. In the first of our four-part series on purchasing a mobile solution for healthcare applications, we'll take a look at key considerations for mobile software selection.

The mobile software you purchase, because it is so closely tied to the actual application, will guide many of the other decision you make when designing the total mobile solution. Here are four critical factors to take into consideration during the evaluation and selection process:

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Critical Questions Healthcare Providers Should Ask When Selecting Mobile Devices

When it comes to mobile device selection, healthcare professionals have a wide range of form factors, platforms, and manufactures to choose from -- rugged devices with professional-grade barcode scanners, off-the-shelf smartphones, tablets, and other variations are available from dozens of different companies.

Matching the right hardware to the application is critical. If you select the wrong device, it could frustrate users, decrease productivity, and ultimately lead to a failed implementation.

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Mobile Device Deployment: 3 Must Have Options

Mobile device deployment for a healthcare organization is more complex than simply selecting the right softwareand hardware. The mobile solution must integrate with your existing enterprise IT infrastructure, be easy to maintain and support, and provide robust security and privacy protection. In the third part of our series on purchasing a mobile solution, we'll look at three important options you must have for your new mobility platform.

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How to Select a Mobile Device Service Plan

Like any other equipment used in a healthcare setting, your mobile computing devices will eventually require service. Most hardware vendors, systems integrators, and value added resellers (VARs) offer some sort of mobile device service plan that can help keep your mobility solution humming.

Do you need a service plan? For healthcare organizations where clinicians rely on mobile devices to access the electronic medical record (EMR), write prescriptions, access lab results, and other critical activities, the answer is a resounding "Yes." Devices get dropped. Software glitches occur. It's incumbent to ensure that you can quickly repair or replace a device that fails or gets damaged, with minimal disruption to clinicians.

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The Silver Lining in Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients

Being the daughter of two aging parents with chronic diseases and working in healthcare IT for the last few decades, I am thrilled to see the latest Chronic Care Management Services reimbursement definitions for CPT Code 99490 that went into effect on January 1 of 2015.  You might be saying – really? You’re thrilled about one little Medicare Physician Fee Schedule change?

I say, YES, really!


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5 Reasons to Disinfect Your Mobile Devices

If you didn't know it by now, your mobile devices are totally gross! Cell phones have nearly 25,000 germs per square inch, 18 times more bacteria than a restroom flush handle, making it one of the dirtiest things that we use everyday. Yuck! (Keep that in mind the next time you touch your phone, which the average person checks about 1,500 times a day !) Tablet computers are nearly as disgusting since we tend to transfer germs back and forth from our devices anytime we use them.

In a clinical context, your tablet computer, phone, and other communication devices are considered ‘High Touch’ surfaces. Using mobile devices in a germ sensitive environment creates the potential for the transference of organisms to and from those you are in contact with. Cleaning and disinfecting your devices is a very important step towards minimizing the spread of organisms. Here are 5 very important reasons to methodically and consistently clean and disinfect your tablets:

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What’s the deal with mobile technology assessments anyway?

The word “assessment” can be a bit scary, especially in the healthcare environment where the word is thrown around like candy in a parade. In an industry that is highly regulated by so many governing bodies, the last thing any reasonable hospital leader wants are more consultants costing money to “assess” all the things that are wrong, leaving nothing but liability hanging over the CEO. Yet, the overwhelming task of sifting through various technology solutions and finally choosing one can be quite daunting, even for educated hospital leaders who are burdened by so many things.

As more clinicians seek to incorporate smart phones, tablets and new apps into their daily routine, the need for a hospital-wide technology strategy also grows. For this very reason, a mobile tech assessment will serve more as a guide for planning and implementation of solutions by providing an easy-to-follow roadmap to success. With this approach in mind, here’s all you need to know about mobile technology assessments and their role in the healthcare industry. 

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10 Basic Questions to Ask Before Buying Mobile Carts

Mobile carts dominated the early deployments of in-room workstations to capture and present patient information at the point of care, and despite the increased use of wall-mounted systems, carts still are the primary choice. For hospitals preparing for their second or third generation of cart deployment, here are a few key questions decision makers should consider: 


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