Mobility Solutions for Healthcare

Mobile consulting.

Futura Mobility provides healthcare organizations with comprehensive information and insights to guide the use of mobile solutions throughout the continuum of care. Beyond mobile device offerings, Futura works with healthcare organizations to build and implement a mobile strategy based off in-depth analysis of the infrastructure, policies, workflows and supporting technologies necessary to sustain and grow mobility.
Mobile Consulting

Patient engagement.

Patient satisfaction and value-based purchasing penalty avoidance has forced many organizations to examine their approach to addressing HCAHPS and Core Measure performance. Futura Mobility assists healthcare providers by providing patients and providers with state-of-the-art communication tools that support the transition of care from start to finish while creating optimal patient experiences and achieving better outcomes.
Patient Engagement

Secure communication.

Poor communications is one of the biggest problems in US Healthcare. The time wasted trying to find physician, clinician or nursing colleagues and inefficient channels of communications result in billions of dollars lost in US healthcare. While today's mobile devices offer new avenues to communicate more effectively, they also present new challenges surrounding the privacy of patient data. Futura Mobility’s secure clinical communication solution helps healthcare systems increase efficiencies and revenues by improving communications across their medical staff.

Disease management.

The scope and severity of chronic disease casts a wide net affecting patients, healthcare professionals and payers. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, are by far the leading cause of mortality in the world, representing 63% of all deaths. Through the creation of innovative mobile applications that provide daily connectivity between patients and healthcare professionals, Futura Mobility seeks to improve care coordination and quality of life.
Disease management

Asset management.

Healthcare organizations today face a variety of challenges, including lack of efficiency, increasing financial pressure, regulatory mandates, and an ongoing need for improved patient safety. Many of these problems share a common cause –lack of visibility into the real-time location, status and condition of assets and people. Futura Mobility's asset management solutions provide much-needed clarity to these challenges by providing visibility, automating compliance issues, optimizing workflows, and improving safety.
Asset management

Education & certification.

Futura Mobility employs a flexible modular approach – using tutorials, case studies, workflows, and more – to build custom courses that fulfill your organization’s particular training needs and business objectives. Our instructional team can help you clarify your performance and technical challenges and develop an effective online or blended learning strategy to meet those challenges. Our instructional and multimedia teams develop engaging, experiential interactions that greatly increase retention of skills and knowledge.
Education & certification

Wireless optimization.

A wireless network is dynamic – effective coverage and capacity change constantly as physical and environmental factors influence the airspace of the facility. By considering the individual needs of healthcare organizations along with the various business systems (e.g. e-mail, telematics, RFID, VoIP) in place today, Futura Mobility can solve the most complex wireless challenges while creating a roadmap to meet future growth and business needs.
Wireless optimization

Certified EHR devices.

Futura Mobility has the expertise needed to help hospitals and healthcare providers solve their toughest data collection challenges. Futura partners with some of the leading device manufacturers in the world to provide innovative mobility solutions designed to allow healthcare professionals to execute patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases.
Certified EHR devices